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Sam Markens is a very skilled author who has been with since it's inception. He has ties in the computer security field with contacts everywhere. If it has to do with a bug or exploit, he's the man to talk to.

This is no joke ladies and gentlegeeks. Halo 3 has been leaked out to the general public. I have already downloaded myself a copy and have been playing it for over a week now. Halo 3, a game by Bungie Software, is one of the most awaited games of the past […]

Halo 3 Leaked!!!

Capcom’s newest PSP game, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX has been purposefully coded to allow for several ‘holes’ to be in the games code. This allows for hackers to have a much easier access to the 2.60 firmware and I am told it will also allow for easy hacking of […]

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Breaks PSP 2.60 Firmware

Microsoft, the creator of the Windows Operating System, Office software line, XBOX, and much more, has decided to produce their own version of Linux. The project has been in development since late 2004 when they acquired version 2.2.26 of the Linux kernel. Their plan is to produce what they call, […]

Microsoft Linux to be on shelves mid 2007