Fear Being Cheated On? Never Again! 3

Knowledge is power and with this product there you will no longer have to fear, you will know! There is a new product out which can monitor heart rate while at the same time giving you her constant GPS position. Did she really go to her friends house? Is she actually taking her lunch breaks at work? Until now it was difficult to find out without hiring a personal Private Investigator (PI) which would cost a great deal of money every time you want to know if she’s cheating on you. No longer with this new great product.

Thanks to forgetmenotpanties.com and their wonderful new pantie line with GPS, heart monitor, and temperature gauge built in. Now you can monitor your wife, girlfriend, or even your daughter from anywhere you want using their software. Their software system allows for the use of up to four devices including laptops, handheld GPS units, and even PDAs.

This wonderful product is absolutely amazing, I suggest buying a few pairs so that you can keep a constant watch on your female friends whereabouts 24/7. You’ve never known piece of mind until you’ve tried these panties.

-Bill Pedrey

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Bill Pedrey is an journalism intern from Hartford University. His love for writing is only surpassed by his love for delivering the truth. A true journalist through and through.

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