Halo 3 Leaked!!!

This is no joke ladies and gentlegeeks. Halo 3 has been leaked out to the general public. I have already downloaded myself a copy and have been playing it for over a week now. Halo 3, a game by Bungie Software, is one of the most awaited games of the past five years. The implications alone of this game leaking has gotten some high end officials interested in who released such a high end game before it’s scheduled release date. The leaked Halo 3  works on any moded XBox 360 and can be played in multiplayer and even on Microsoft’s xbox live, though I would suggest using a less official means to play this game as it will most likely gain a lot of attention soon. The tracker it was released on is a private tracker which uses masked IP address authentication and thus so far has eluded the authorities on who has been downloading their soon to be released Halo 3 game. I have brought you, my faithful readers the tracker’s URL and the .torrent file in order to download it. Anyone not familiar with these terms should look into a bit torrent program like Azureus before attempting to contact me with questions.

*edit* Due to lawsuits I have been forced to remove the trackers URL and .torrent file from lieware.com and unfortunately the above is all I am allowed to say. Expect a press release soon disclosing more information. Official investigations are supposedly to begin Wednesday the 19th of September. Anyone who wants their copy should get it now.*/edit*

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