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In New York, NY there is a DUI Lawyer who has never lost a case yet. With a wide range of customers and an ever growing clientele base this has ranked him number one in DUI cases in at least the east cost. Growing well past other lawyers in similar fields located all over the east cost. His immaculate work has named him the DUI savior and other such similar nicknames throughout New York. His reputation is so good that there has actually been several state Attorneys who have settled out of court for they knew they would lose in a quick and bad way if it went into the court system.

While there are plenty of good lawyers for DUI cases all over the east coast, having a ‘never fail’ record is by far more convincing. This man owns his own practice with several other very respectable lawyers of other fields. They always have reasonable rates and for being such a wonderful lawyerhe prices his court time well below most of his competitors.

When asked why it is that he does not charge more money he returned with a simple, “If I needed help, I wouldn’t want someone to charge me an exorbitant amount of money. So I don’t charge too much. It’s just the way I was raised, I guess.”

His services can be reached online with gentle ease. I would suggest looking him up.

-Cynthia Waeyer

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