Submersible.biz is getting ready to launch what will be the single largest private undersea vehicle ever built, and arguably, one of the most significant personal transportation devices of the century!

The Event of the Century!

We here at lieware.com sincerely apologize for our recent absenteeism. However, I’d like to give our readers a little insight into our recent delinquency into our postings. Lieware.com is currently undergoing major internal restructurization on a multitude of fronts.

Public Announcement From Lieware

Capcom’s newest PSP game, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX has been purposefully coded to allow for several ‘holes’ to be in the games code. This allows for hackers to have a much easier access to the 2.60 firmware and I am told it will also allow for easy hacking of […]

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Breaks PSP 2.60 Firmware

Through recent studies into the properties of cat cartilage brought forth by the research teams which developed the bonsai kitty, and the teams of researchers who are conducting experiments regarding human cartilage growth procedures, medical researchers have come together and have determined a new and innovative way to develop more […]

Bonsai Kitten Research Yields Medical Wonder

Beauty, grace, and melodic genius, Laura Alyon, a rising star was found turning heads in her open mic debut at the acclaimed B3 Lounge and Restaurant in New York City. This stunning belle hailing from West Hills California is destined to take your breath away. With her powerful and diverse […]

Laura Alyon an Injection of Musical Brilliance

The Rae of Hope condom company, a new company based out of Florida who’s name is clearly a farce taken from the Ray of Hope Christian Church, is coming out with a new style of condom. Their condom originally designed by Samantha Rae, the primary founder of The Rae of […]

The Rae of Hope Condom Company’s new Headless Condoms