PlayStation 3 Out Early on Ebay, Jan. 1st 2

There is a company located in Miami Beach, Florida which has proclaimed that they have recently received a package of 100 PlayStation 3s and are planning on bringing them out on the market weeks before their scheduled release date. When asked whether of not Sony will be upset by this recent turn of events they replied with a calm, “No Comment.” They are planning on adding their PS3’s on Ebay.

The company requested that their name be undisclosed for legal reasons. Their postings should be arriving on the 1st of January. The company is also offering a mod chip with every purchase and several free games as part of the bundle. The reserved price is $149.99 but bidding wars are suspected to bring the prices up to the range of $1000 to $1500 in a very short amount of time. There are only 100 of these newly released PlayStation 3s and they are suspected to sold out by the end of the day if that. This reporter is planning on being there as soon as it strikes midnight the morning of January 1st to be one of the first people to buy one of these PS3s.

-Sam Markens

PlayStation is a product of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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