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Chantilly, France has started serving prehistoric creatures as a new style of meal. The Triop, a creature who’s lineage goes as far back as the Triassic has started to be served up in a good number of restaurants located in Chantilly, France. This small Notostracan has been around since before the dinosaurs. These creatures could quite possibly be the oldest living race of creatures in existence. The meal originally was brought forth by Jean-Pierre Bellamont and has such become a delicacy to tourists and rich people alike.

It took a lot of convincing but I was able to get Jean-Pierre to release one of his fabled recipes to me. Here it is,
Tasty Garlic Mushroom Triops

triop_s “Ingredients:
For each person.
4 nice big white mushrooms
4 Triops
1/4 cup butter
2 smashed garlic cloves
2 Tbsps fresh parsley

Clean the mushrooms and remove the ends. Prepare the garlic butter the usual manner, preferably 3 hours ahead of time. Fill the mushrooms with the Triops, add as much garlic butter as you can press on top.

Heat the oven to 350F and cook the mushrooms for about 15 to 20 minutes or until bubbly.

I never use the Asian Triops because the are very chewy. The French ones are more expensive but well worth it. You will find that this is too much butter, but you can make 12 Triops with that recipe.” – Jean-Pierre

Now, this is his most basic of recipes for the Triop. Since it’s inception he has made a fortune on this inappropriately overlooked tasty creature.

There have been several members of the IRA, Insect Right Activists, who believe that it is inhumane treatment for us to take note of this creature that has survived over two hundred million years of our worlds torment only to become a meal for a rich American. Triops can be purchased online for rather cheap. For your purchase you will get Triop eggs and a small aquarium to which to grow these delights. From my understanding though you just can’t beat fresh Triops.

The only way that these delicious creatures could be any better is if they hatched and grew up in a light garlic butter sauce.
Bon Appetit

-Christopher Karmain

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4 thoughts on “Prehistoric Creatures Are Being Eaten in France

  • Stuart Halliday

    The Africans tried using Triops as a potential food source back in the 1980s. But as with any small shrimp, it’s flavour is governed by what you feed it.

    It’s carapace is pretty chewy I’m told.

    The African researchers didn’t find Triops cancriformis (larger than Triops longicaudatus) very appetising at all.

    Probably better to keep this common animal as pets? :-))

  • Phil the Triop fan

    I had already purchased a bundle of triops from the thinkgeek website and actualy had some on my desk at work for decoration. I looked them over. Thought about it. And decided to give this a try. Afterall they are part of the family of shrimp i’m pretty sure. And I must say that it was very very good.

    I would suggest adding some peprika though, it adds that extra zing.