Street Fighter Alpha 3 Breaks PSP 2.60 Firmware 3

Capcom’s newest PSP game, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX has been purposefully coded to allow for several ‘holes’ to be in the games code. This allows for hackers to have a much easier access to the 2.60 firmware and I am told it will also allow for easy hacking of Sony’s latest planned firmware release as well. Sony, the creator of the PSP handheld gaming system, has recently come out with their latest memory stick which holds a maximum capacity of 8GB. There will need to be a firmware update since the 2.60 and under versions on the PSP’s firmware only supports up to a maximum of 4GB. Though, it seems that with this new exploit in the game Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX this will not be a problem.

Sony has been extremely intelligent in their anti-piracy plans by offering their users a great new deal of features with almost every update in exchange for giving up the ability to use homebrew software. Homebrew software means software that was created by someone other than a gaming company or previously sanctioned PSP developer. Homebrewed software is not the problem that Sony is attempting to protect against, Sony’s problem is located in ISO loaders that homebrew software can present. ISO loaders are programs which will allow for a PSP owner to play downloaded games which are in .iso format.

Now that that the back-story is aside, one of the head programmers over a Capcom, Ishimaru Kazuma, has informed us that he has purposefully added holes in the game to allow for easy exploitation of the 2.60 firmware and Sony’s newest planned firmware release. This will cause for an overwhelming number hacks on the PSP and most likely launch sales of the game to a new all time high.

In a corporate ideal sense it is a phenomenal maneuver, making your company an Idol in the PSP hacking field while at the same time generating a mass number of additional revenue by forcing people to purchase their game in order to have the ability to use 2.60 firmware and homebrew at the same time.


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  • That Guy

    Sorry, hard to believe someone would expose information like this in attempts to screw over a company. Do you know what type of legal issues that Capcom would have to deal with from Sony if this was true?