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An entire Community of Sex Offenders in Chicago

There is a medium sized suburban area located within Cook County in the city of Chicago Illinois which has been under construction for the last several months. Within this suburban area the city of Chicago is developing a few apartment buildings, neighborhoods and buildings intended for business and other types of commerce. The city of Chicago has deemed this area unusable for city parks and playgrounds and thus they decided would be prime property for child molesters and other sex offenders who are unable to be located near any places where children gather. The city’s focus is to eventually migrate all sex offenders to this predisposed community.

The city of Chicago has deemed this project ‘Lesoya’. Once Lesoya has been completed sex offenders shall be moved from their neighboring counties and cities to their newly built homes, appartments, and jobs. This will solve several problems in the community on several fronts including a more comfortable environment for offenders and, more importantly, a much safer environment for our children due to lack of sex offenders living in our neighborhoods.

If the sex offenders located within Lesoya continue to commit offenses then the city’s plan is to confine the sex offenders in Lesoya and surrounding areas. There shall be enough businesses in Lesoya for there to be a steady supply of both work and food keeping the need for the offenders leaving to a minimum. The city has not yet explained their plans on how they are going to confine these people in Lesoya but from the information I was able to gather it was going to be at whatever cost was necessary in order to keep our children safe.

If this confining sexual offenders to Lesoya works there has been talks about the possibility of having other cities send their offenders to Chicago to come live in Lesoya as well, making Chicago’s Cook county grow in size with sexual predators but allow for the cities of America to become free of fear from rape for themselves and their children. The plan is to make Lesoya far enough away from other neighborhoods and communities that there will be little chance that a sexual offender and a child will end up near eachother by coincidence.

Chicago isn’t heartless in this matter and they are not going to take every sex offender that has ever lived to Lesoya, but they will be taking every sex offender who has committed a crime since January 1st, 1980. Chicago is understanding that with enough time everyone can change their ways and so they will be leaving the sex offenders from December 31, 1979 and prior so long as they have an outstanding record. It is understood that there are a great deal of sexual predators out there and that Lesoya could easily one day be filled up. The city of Chicago is ready if that happens to purchase the surrounding areas for expansion.

Lesoya is still in development and should become a reality sometime between winter of 2007 and fall of 2008. I know that personally, I am looking forward to no longer fearing the walk to my car ever again.

-Cynthia Waeyer

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