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Breaking out of Planar Encryption

Since the conceptual design and implementation of the equilateral model to encryption the computer security world hasn’t been making any new advances, or at least, so it would have seemed. As is standard in all research, we, as the public are privy to very little. In fact there have been numerous of leaps and bounds in this field. Due to security reasons I can’t go into details about the designer or where exactly the research is taking place but I can at least give you the information in broad strokes.

The concept as I was told was drafted by a student of a small college in the southern United States, whom of course I had to go meet. When interviewed, he stated, “I won’t be able to give you any specifics about the model that I created but I can tell you some stuff.” Normally when I hear the word “stuff” it typically puts me off, but in this case he made some rather interesting points. Apparently, he was watching the movie Star Gate when he came up with this idea. Odd I know, but honestly after revisiting the movie at his low key very unkempt apartment it made a whole hell of a lot more sense. A very simple mathematical concept was presented in the very first portion of the movie that he decided to expound upon. The concept is that it takes six points or three lines to determine any given point in three dimensional space.

The idea is based loosely on how you interpret these points from your point of origin. This is sort of a bastardized version of a public key private key setup only slightly more intricate. The method by which you interpret these points only gives you a piece of the encryption model. What makes it so ingenious is really in how the algorithm interprets the variables in a way that makes it wholly unique to each person that views it. This is something that has been widely sought after in the computer security world. It offers a sort of, innate password that goes far beyond our typical ASCII user defined or computer enhanced password systems. Some of the features it offers are absolutely astonishing. There was a whole lot more to our little interview and I started to pick up on a lot more of its more intricate facets, but as stated I’d have to do this in broad strokes.

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