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Elephants Bred Down to Size

Miniature Elephant

A group of biologists in southern India have been taking the runts of the litter from african elephant families and breeding them to be smaller and smaller. This group has been breeding down elephants for the past 28 years. The process takes a long time as you could imagine. Female elephants give birth roughly once every five years, though the result is well worth the wait. The elephants size can range anywhere from about one to three feet in height. These miniature wonders are supposed to hit the U.S. market sometime in the winter of 2007.

With a price ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 these marvels will most likely become pets for the overly wealthy. This reporter, luckily got the chance to take home one of these miniature treasures who’s name was pinky, and he has gained a new place in my household. It took only a glance for my kids to fall in love with him and I wish I could keep him but at this reporters current pay there is no way I can afford little pinky. Pinky stands a little less than two feet tall and is a kind and loving creature. I hope to see more of these little guys hit the market in the hopes that one day the price for them might drop. I was unable to take any pictures of this marvel of marvels but I did happen to receive a picture of what must be a wonderful pet by an anonymous emailer.

To whoever you are sir, thank you for your submission. This article wouldn’t be half of what it is if it wasn’t for the picture you submitted.


-Bill Pedrey

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