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Laura Alyon an Injection of Musical Brilliance

Beauty, grace, and melodic genius, Laura Alyon, a rising star was found turning heads in her open mic debut at the acclaimed B3 Lounge and Restaurant in New York City. This stunning belle hailing from West Hills California is destined to take your breath away. With her powerful and diverse lyrical metaphors Laura Alyon hits you hard with a taste of rich witty vocals soaking wet with euphonious phrasing that couldn’t be more enticing. At first I had a hard time believing that she was an unsung hero of the music industry, a fledgling artist just making her way through college. Yet upon further investigation she demonstrated true character,poise, and humility as she remarked that she was just endeavouring to test the water before running head long into something with out being ready. 

Having been an avid musical critic for many years I found the last bit very hard to swallow. Her musical styling is all its own, encompassing a full Broadway sound wrapped up in hard punky trimmings and braced with a solid rock coffin nail. This girl is all power, from the message to the voice, it rings with a sounding presence and an unbridled free spirit which shakes the soul. Music as of late has been inundated with the Brittney Spears, Kristina Aguilera, and Avril Lavigne teen diva’s, but Laura brings a hard pulsing riveting edge that for the longest time the industry’s been sorely lacking. A breath of not fresh air, a taste of what its like to be kissed by the wind from the wings of a monarch that survived the bitter cold of its youth.

She was selling copies of her home brewed CD’s for 5 bucks a pop, which might I add I was lucky enough to get my hands on. She brought only a mere 20 CD’s with her to the venue believing that she was well equipped for the best case scenario. About 2 minutes from the time she smiled and walked off of the stage she’d sold out leaving many of the unfortunates longing for more.

After I reeled her away from the throng of stunned, slack jawed onlookers, I finally got the chance grab an interview with the budding singer. The first impression I got from her was delivered through her glowing smile. You would have never had guessed that this was her first time baring her intense artistic soul on the public, but she didn’t have to profess that she was a neophyte her charming stunned face said it all. We talked for about 2 hours going back and forth about her roots in music, her passion for singing, and her devotion to music and entertainment. Laura attends a small preforming arts college on the upper west side, with an ambition to become a star. After visiting with her for awhile she definitely anticipates doing more open mic venues but as of yet doesn’t have a schedule in mind. She is however in the process of setting up a website which will, as she hopes, dictate her schedule and also offer her CD for those of us who missed out. I look forward to watching her undoubted growth and am proud to add her to my “I knew her before she was big,” wall of fame.

– Edward N. Carter IV

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