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Microsoft Linux to be on shelves mid 2007

Microsoft, the creator of the Windows Operating System, Office software line, XBOX, and much more, has decided to produce their own version of Linux. The project has been in development since late 2004 when they acquired version 2.2.26 of the Linux kernel. Their plan is to produce what they call, ‘MSLinux,’ a mixture of both the Linux operating system and Microsoft’s newest planned addition, Windows .NET. MSLinux is to hit shelves mid 2007.

What will the newest addition to their developmental schedule entail you ask? Well, they will be taking the Linux kernel and rewriting it so that is has more of a Microsoft feel to it. Everything will be extremely user friendly. Core Dumps will now be Blue Screens, error messages will have a prettier Windows feel to them and of course all of this will not be open source in the standard style of a Linux OS. There will be no command line, there will be only Microsoft’s version of xwindows called Windows. Also, with MSLinux you will have access to Microsoft’s wonderful addition of a menu based system which is all accessible through a button that has the word start on it. All programs you are currently running will be viewable and switchable in a nice compact bar located at the bottom of the screen called the task bar. As such, all running programs in MSLinux are being referred to as tasks.

Symbolic links have been changed to what Microsoft is testing as Shortcuts. All of the administrative capabilities will now be grouped together and placed in a nice ‘window’ which they will now be calling the Control Panel. It will have all of the power of Linux, only completely none of it will be usable for safety reasons to yield to the Microsoft User Friendly standards. It will have all of the newest features from .NET including PnP support and a dynamic internal databasing system which also will not be usable by the users.

All owners of the software including every user who uses the computer that MSLinux is on will be required to go through a comprehensive online registration involving social security numbers, copies of birth certificates, and an extensive listing of progeny due to anti-piracy protection for you. If there are any flagged piracy issues in your progeny you will be required to pay for an additional MSLinux registration account for each of them due to prior Microsoft production thievery. Except if you are in the following countries; Cuba, Puerto-Rico, Canada, Switzerland, and southern most pieces of Italy.

After this process is completed Microsoft will send you your license code allowing you to log into your account. Though Linux on it’s own is typically a free product, when coupled with Microsoft’s development of .NET the going rate of MSLinux is $249.99. While previous versions of Windows have all been a pay per computer use Microsoft’s new, yet experimental, plan of a pay per user plan is still to be seen. Every copy of MSLinux is to be coupled with the new Microsoft Intelli-Mouse 2007 which has a built in fingerprint scanner. The planned use of this mouse is to help govern the per user pricing plan they have implemented upon their upcoming MSLinux product.

Only the person registered to use MSLinux verified by a proper fingerprint scan can use MSLinux. This will require that all MSLinux accounts have internet access to verify licenses. The nice feature that this will bring is once you have paid and are registered to use MSLinux you may use anyone’s computer that has it installed for the license style isn’t specifically for your computer just you. This mix of technology and software will help to protect it’s users from getting into the trouble of costly law suits by the Microsoft corporation for being involved in piracy of software.

So look for it on shelves everywhere software is sold in the middle of 2007


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