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Online Casino 100 to 1 Payout Bug

There is an Online Casino which, after it’s most recent update has a, yet to be fixed, 100 to 1 Payout Bug. A normal payout is dependent on the game and how much is bid on each hand or round though since the companies most recent software update the website has been paying out 100 to 1 on every dollar paid. My publisher has been making a huge amount of money off of this venture and thus would not like me to disclose the companies name, yet I find this information to be important news to our beloved customers. So, we have made an agreement. I shall publish the information here, without saying the name of the Website.

Online Casinos are very frequent and this bug is not happening on one of the little ones that exist out there. As previously stated, I am not at liberty to say which one, but I would suggest giving them a few a try. Online Casinos give the ability for you to have the gambling experience you would have at a real casino from the comfort of your own home. There is no guarantee that this bug wont be fixed soon so I suggest taking a look now. Programming errors happen everywhere; when someone updates or creates new programs there will constantly be loopholes and exploits located within the site. I don’t suggest that anyone take advantage of such exploits for it would be morally wrong, but there is no damage in looking at it. Learning what an exploit can look like and how these bugs can effect real companies.


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