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PayPal Prostitution

As of Monday, January 16th several brothels in the Nevada area will now be accepting PayPal as a form of payment. Legal brothels are never located within major cities of Nevada for it is against the law. Prostitution is only legal in certain counties within Nevada. State law forbids legal prostitution in counties which have a large population. That being said, a few of the big name legal brothels are planning to very soon accept PayPal as a form of ‘party’ purchase.

For those of you who worry about their PayPal statement stating purchases made, they have several different standard billing styles including but not limited to: Relationship Counseling, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Medical Testing, Hotel Stay, or Room Visits. This semi-discrete billing helps to keep your anonymity of the visit. The different billing styles depend on the Prostitute, they do not work for the brothel; they are all private contractors with their own set fee’s and billing style. Some even use different billing styles for different types of personal ‘parties.’

The primary brothels which have been discussing this plan are: The Chicken Ranch, The Mustang Ranch, and The New Sagebrush Ranch. My inside source has informed me that there are actually several other brothels who are planning on following these three Ranches’ leads into using the newer and more secure form of transactions. Each prostitute has a PDA which is connected to the brothels primary network through wireless connections allowing each visitor to pay simply by entering their email address and PayPal information.

With payments being online instead of card based this also allows you to prepay if you have already visited with one of the prostitutes and know the prices. Who knows, this might start a trend of completely shopping for prostitutes online with profiles and turn-ons and such. Kind of like a sex myspace for Nevada.

-Cynthia Waeyer

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