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The Rae of Hope Condom Company’s new Headless Condoms

How can it be that a product like this can make it on the market? It isn’t secure, it isn’t safe, and it most definitely isn’t moral. I am frankly appalled that this product is even on the market and will do my part to take it down. Even if my word alone isn’t much I am still at least willing to put my word in. Which is more than I’ve seen from anyone else out there right now. The company’s description of the product is a blatant display of uncaring progeny mockery.

This might just be my opinion though, here it is for yourself:

Headless Condoms:
Our wonderful product line has brought you, once again, another priceless item for you to “hang” in your bedroom. Our
New Headless Condoms offer all of the risks of having sex, but with all of the pleasures too. If your Boyfriend or Girlfriend wants you to wear a condom in bed yet when you wear one you lose out on all of the sensations of true lovemaking then our New Headless Condoms will have him/her begging for more. We here at The Rae of Hope Condom Company wish to extend out our newest line with a great new deal. Buy one box of Headless Condoms for $9.99 and receive another box for free! Your girlfriend/boyfriend will love how hot it feels. Buy now from our online store and save!

::The Rae of Hope Condom Company

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