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The Tapeworm Miracle Diet Pills are Back


The IndoMed company of southern San Fransisco has produced a new product which has for some reason slipped past the FDA. Their new weight loss pill called Weight-B-Gone has some interesting side effects. This once a week pill, when ingested, will cause the patient to lose as much weight as they want on a steady basis while allowing them to eat whatever they want and as much as they like. The “catch” is that these pills contain a genetically engineered head of a Taenia Saginata, otherwise known as the Beef Tapeworm.

These heads, when passed into the digestive track of a person, latch on somewhere in the intestines and start to feed. The entire time a person is injesting food, a portion of that food is being eaten by the Tapeworm allowing the person to eat as much food as they like without having an overabundance of consequences. In a normal environment these Tapeworms could reach up to 20 meters in size and start to cause it’s “host” to lose vital nutrients needed by the body. In this case, the geneticists have created a much shorter lifespan Tapeworm, one that will only live for about a week and then die, disconnecting it’s head from the intestinal track and allowing it to be passed freely from the body without any recourse.

Since the pill is ingested once a week and the worm’s lifespan is a week, it is advised on the bottle to wait for your first Tapeworm to leave your digestive track before ingesting the second. These pills are sold in groups of 10 and it is stated that it is not wise to ever go past ten pills or the weekly advised dosage. It could be potentially dangerous for your health if taken improperly, just like every other pill out there.

This diet loss program is guaranteed to help you lose between 10 to 20 pounds a week with no work involved at all. There is no ill taste, and you can not feel them in your body. In fact you can’t tell they are even there. They are supposedly coming to GNC’s nationwide towards the end of winter of this year.


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IndoMed Weight-B-Gone Tapeworm Diet Pills are now available here

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