After a lot of research and testing we have now been able to bring you the nutrition information of Triops. I hope that all of you have been enjoying your wonderfully tasty treats as much as we have. In fact, to rejoice in this wonderful treat we have added a […]

Nutrition Information and New Triop Recipes

As of Monday, January 16th several brothels in the Nevada area will now be accepting PayPal as a form of payment. Legal brothels are never located within major cities of Nevada for it is against the law. Prostitution is only legal in certain counties within Nevada. State law forbids legal […]

PayPal Prostitution

Vim, an extremely powerful editor originating from Linux, has now been discovered to hold the secrets of extracting source files from a Windows executable (.exe) file. This being said the process is not easy but with both Linux and Vim being free it is most definitely cost efficient. Specialists are […]

Vim Can Extract Source Data From Windows Executables

Since the conceptual design and implementation of the equilateral model to encryption the computer security world hasn’t been making any new advances, or at least, so it would have seemed. As is standard in all research, we, as the public are privy to very little. In fact there have been […]

Breaking out of Planar Encryption

Microsoft, the creator of the Windows Operating System, Office software line, XBOX, and much more, has decided to produce their own version of Linux. The project has been in development since late 2004 when they acquired version 2.2.26 of the Linux kernel. Their plan is to produce what they call, […]

Microsoft Linux to be on shelves mid 2007

The recent innovation of the PSP, Sony’s portable handheld gaming system is raising questions in military security and the associated referendum on the world security front. The PSP, by all standard appearances seems to be a completely harmless techno toy, but to foreign governments it’s something far more. Housing what […]

PSP and Carnivore Hidden Military Secret