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Public Announcement From Lieware

We here at sincerely apologize for our recent absenteeism. However, I’d like to give our readers a little insight into our recent delinquency into our postings. is currently undergoing major internal restructurization on a multitude of fronts.

In recent news one of our employees and would be top journalists was discovered to be a fraud. Due to our propensity and obligation to bring you up to date and intelligent reporting. We have high standards for our publications but we don’t need another Jayson Blair in our company (Jayson Blair was a journalist who wrote and or plagiarized whole articles during his employment at the New York Times). The writer will not be named but be aware that the listing of his articles and affiliation with us has been terminated. All postings and articles he had submitted have been removed from our site and we here at lieware sincerely apologize for his blatant disregard for diligent reporting.

However, lieware has hit an all time high and is quickly growing in its fame and acclaim. has gone public. This is great news as it also dictates how amazingly fast is growing. You’ll see us listed on the New York Stock exchange next Tuesday. I can’t begin to describe how elated we are here at the company, and we hope to not only make the news but make the news. Our acronym will be LIE, and hope to see your interest in our business grow to not only be our material but look forward to being a part of your lives in a more intricate financial fashion.

The company has also planned for a couple of our top investigators to head down and cover an amazing seminar this week at the T.D. Waterhouse Centre in Sunny Orlando Florida. The seminar has an amazing cast that we here at lieware initially thought was too good to be true. Amongst its speakers are Gen. Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Steve Forbes, and Rudolph Giuliani. These famous business icons will be discussing everything from business skills to time management. This all business conference is sure to be memorable, motivational, and extremely educational.

Lieware is on a steady march to business stardom and are pleased to announce our success. We hope to continue to grow and keep you informed on our evolutionary journey through business and journalism. Thanks for your support and continued patronage.

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