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Bonsai Kitten Research Yields Medical Wonder

Through recent studies into the properties of cat cartilage brought forth by the research teams which developed the bonsai kitty, and the teams of researchers who are conducting experiments regarding human cartilage growth procedures, medical researchers have come together and have determined a new and innovative way to develop more malleable human cartilage to help ailing arthritis patients. The idea is to infuse the arthritic patient with new cartilage extracted from kittens in small amounts and then inundate them with a healthy supply of Cysteine (Cys), a key factor in protein growth, (GAG-protein) glycosaminoglycan, and chrondroitonase ABC. Over the course of roughly 2 weeks the patient takes the solution intravenously through a series of injections and the transplanted kitty cartilage grows and fills its intended space and functionality.

The major problem so far for this procedure is not rejection of the foreign cartilage but the fact that each joint has to be targeted specifically. This means that for patients with knee pain they will be more likely to benefit from this procedure, yet the patients having pain in areas like the hands may require numerous treatments to begin to ease their suffering.

The procedure is still in its early stages of development and the FDA is currently undergoing a rigorous investigation into the procedure. The use of Cys poses several risks to other portions of the body as it is a catalyst for metabolic reactions. Animal testing is currently being conducted on gorilla’s to determine possible side effects and the procedure will probably not be approved for many years.

It is also key to note that the animal rights activists are trying to suspend this research due to the bonsai kitty correlation. In all honesty I understand that they are upset over the treatment of these animals but fail to bridge the connection between the initial bonsai kitty research and the current research which is being proposed for humans, and to oppose this research due to one of its roots should not interfere with the long term affects of human research in regards to well being and health.


– Nori Carter

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