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The Sweat Shop Summer Camp (SSSC) is now accepting new campers

In honor of summer, we have decided to publish an article about our most favored summer camp. The Sweat Shop Summer Camp is an amazing opportunity to teach your child structure, discipline and the value of a dollar. Located in central Asia, your child will experience life over seas first hand.

Your child will get the opportunity to work with their hands and really learn how their favorite brand of clothes, shoes and purses are made, This of course teaches your child respect for their possessions. Which is a lesson that can inly be learned through hard work and sweat.

Started in 2005, the SSSC has always had its roots firmly planted in the believe that hard work and discipline are the building blocks to moral and financial success.
“Kids really love it here. They get three square meals and two five minute candy breaks a day.” says Mae Wygne, owner and founder of the SSSC. “Kids grow really strong and learn that hard work really pays off.”

A feature of the camp that really impresses us is the financial value that the camp instills in each child. For every item that your child makes, they get 3 cents (American) wired to a bank account of your choice. The most popular choice is to deposit the money directly into your child’s college fund. “We want the parents to get something back too. This is our way of showing the parent that they are getting what they paid for. And as an added benefit the kid knows that they are working towards something and that it is worth it.”

One of the great lessons that is learned at the SSSC is the value of friendship. “We find that very strong bonds are formed between the children. They lean on each other for support. The younger campers even look up to the more senior kids for strategies on how to work more efficiently.” Says Mae

Structure is very important at the SSSC. Everyday the campers set a goal of how many items they will complete in a day. It is their job to meet that goal without sacrificing quality. “The child must learn how to structure their time effectively to meet their goals. We teach that is more pride in getting the job done and done properly that there is in taking a break or sleeping.” What a wonderful lesson it is to learn!

The SSSC is open to age groups 8-17, with a base price affordable to most budgets. “We want our camp to be open to all children, regardless of money.” There are a few strength requirements for some of the hands on activities, but Mae Wygne assures us that every child will have an opportunity to get their hands dirty.


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