Offshore Gambling has Better Odds till Feb

Several major Offshore Gambling companies have rigged their odds so that there is a greater chance of people winning. They are planning on keeping this until the end of February, 2006. Their aim is to take a slight financial loss yet get more people interested in offshore gambling again, or to hook those who are already enjoying offshore gambling. The companies which are currently doing this for long-term and daily cruises have over ten ports in Florida. These cruises are said to lower almost all of the odds of the games that can be lowered.

These Casino Cruise ships are available for both daily, weekend, four day, and weekly cruises. Looks like January and February are going to be big for Casino cruise gambling for everyone. This news was not supposed to get out for if people knew that the game was rigged in their benefit then it will destroy the mysticism of being lucky. Our publisher happens to have a friend who works in the higher ups located within one of these companies and has given us the whole scoop.

“These games have been rigged for the benefit of the gambler. Slot Machines, Electronic Poker, and even some card games have mechanics all working in the favor of the gambler.” She continued to say, “They are doing this in order to attempt to get people to look away from internet gambling and back at offshore gambling. The offshore casinos are losing money since internet casinos have become popular. This is their way of getting back at them and making their cruises popular again.”

There you have it folks, January and February are the times to win big down in Florida. Hop on the bandwagon.

-Bill Pedrey
It’s my turn to play big now!

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