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Vim Can Extract Source Data From Windows Executables

Vim, an extremely powerful editor originating from Linux, has now been discovered to hold the secrets of extracting source files from a Windows executable (.exe) file. This being said the process is not easy but with both Linux and Vim being free it is most definitely cost efficient. Specialists are curious as to whether or not the, open-source based, Linux users will be using this knowledge to attack the core of Windows itself gaining further knowledge of how to hack, crack, and smash the stack of Windows’ core programming. With this knowledge out on the Internet it will be hard for Microsoft to hide their programming any longer. This information has been out as of Thursday, January 12th, 2006 and you heard it here first on

With Windows being closed source it has widely been speculated just how most of Microsoft’s Windows operating system has been put together. Especially with their scrapping of old code and complete redesign for their Windows XP release. Soon enough everyone will be able to figure just how Windows has been coded making it open for programmers of software and device drivers to make programs that will no longer blue screen of death the widely used Windows OS.

The method of retrieving it was brought forth by a hacker named Sybahton who stated that after finally getting frustrated with a program in Windows he decided to mess with it in Vim cause since the program didn’t work anyways it wasn’t going to hurt any. After hours of messing with random data, using cat, Emacs, and finally Vim he learned of a set of key commands that would parse the data into it’s original code. He explained to me that after several tests it still worked and displayed some rather vivid examples to me on my own work computer.

With the ability to use CD bootable Linux OS’ you can simply throw in the CD, boot into Linux, hop into Vim and bingo source code city. It’s amazing the capabilities that lay right in front of our eyes.


-Kevin Carson

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